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Obsessed with a murder in her rural town, veterinarian and amateur filmmaker Lorna Das uncovers some of the harrowing details that led to an unspeakable tragedy in this thrilling 1994 crime documentary.

Tragedy in Spades: A Crime Documentary is a live-performance deep-dive into the true-crime genre. The text, a fabrication by playwright Liza Birkenmeier, echoes the current cultural sensationalism of true-crime murder mystery and appeals to small-town 90s nostalgia. With choreography by Katie Rose McLaughlin O'Neil and a sound score created by Chris Giarmo and Taylor Brook, Flier's Thumb, Missouri, and its fictional horrors come to life and accumulate over time. Obsessed and disgusted with our cultish fascination with dead girls, we consider our own participation in this violent, misogynistic genre.

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