Thirty Seven Stones: Or the Man Who Was A Quarry

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Stuck in a complex love triangle and torn between two women he deeply cares for, Nathan is in critical condition: how to balance the feelings of love, romance, sexuality, and devotion between two people he feels he cannot live without. Erin, his girlfriend, is beautiful, smart, and supportive but her patience is wearing thin – how can she compete with the other woman in Nathan’s life: his dominating, Jewish mother, Edna? Using all of her power to keep Nathan in the bird’s nest, there seems to be no limit to what Edna will do as she comically manipulates everyone around her in her quest to keep Nathan ‘her little boy’ forever – all with an overdose of every mother’s secret weapon – Guilt.

If that isn’t enough to stunt Nathan’s independence and sexual identity, Nathan has another issue which requires intensive care. “I’ve a love/hate relationship with my dick.” Turns out he has a rather daunting problem: kidney stones–36 of them, to be exact. How’s a man supposed to be a man when the most precious thing in the world to him is also the source of excruciating pain? In this hilarious, scabrous, comic memory play, past and present collide as Nathan struggles to find love, identity, independence, and a slightly less painful existence.

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Dates: Opening Night: April 12, 2008 Final Performance: April 26, 2008

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