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Rooms is a series of short works, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. The pieces are presented as installations in a rugged former tire repair shop. Each individual room is contained within a 15′ x 15′ white cube. Audiences of six people at a time are invited to step inside and explore these spaces for two minutes before the recorded audio, through which a character is introduced and a short story is told, begins. In “Room 303,” set within the musty bedroom of an old seaside boarding house, an old man voiced by Niall Buggy lies alone, waiting, as his time nears an end. “A Girl’s Bedroom” features the voice of Charlie Murphy as a six-year-old girl who leaves her bedroom and family home and walks, never stopping…until now. And in “Kitchen,” set within a long and narrow galley kitchenette, a wife (Eileen Walsh), standing by her sink, wills her own implosion.

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Dates: First Preview: May 3, 2017 Opening Night: May 8, 2017 Final Performance: May 28, 2017
Location: Irish Arts Center, New York City

726 11th Avenue,

New York,


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