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Street walkers, ladies of the night, hookers – call `em what you will, the job description stays the same. But what exactly is it that these women do? And what are they really like behind the mystery of their occupation?

The simple truth, of course, is that they lead domestic lives that aren’t so far removed from yours or mine: it’s really only what they do for a crust that sets them apart. To find out more, sex/life spend an evening with four Hookers, to see what daily life is really like for a prostitute and the things they tell their pillow, nobody should…

Jane Ho is a sexy, disturbing and ultimately moving exploration of the inner workings of the life of a high priced call girl. The show is written by John Palotta, featuring an original score by Andy Cohen. Arian Blanco directs.

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Dates: Opening Night: November 4, 2005 Final Performance: November 18, 2005

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