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¡El Conquistador! is the story of Polonio Castro, a Colombian peasant, who after losing his crops (to US drug fumigation) and losing the lottery (for the 17th time) decides to leave his shack in the country and try his luck in the big city. Polonio finds work as the doorman of a fancy high-rise apartment building — a building populated with characters who appear on video phone and are played by some of Colombia’s leading television actors — including Victor Mallarino — filmed on location in Bogota. As Polonio passes his days, a crazy, dramatic telenovela-style story unfolds involving suspense, seduction, murder and revenge.

Added Performances: Monday – October 2 @ 8pm, Wednesday – October 18 @ 2pm

No Performances: Saturday – September 23 @ 2pm, Sunday – September 24 @ 3pm, Sunday – October 1 @ 7pm, Wednesday – October 4 @ 8pm, Saturday – October 21 @ 3pm

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Dates: Opening Night: October 3, 2006 Final Performance: October 22, 2006

Theatermania Review

| | October 3, 2006
This multi-media take on the Spanish telenovela form is creative, cute, and surprisingly astute.

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