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Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre presents a reading of a modern classic play, "Do Lord Remember Me" by Jim De Jongh, directed by Regge Life. This play dramatizes WPA recordings, collected in the 1930s, of remembrances by former slaves in Virginia. Black elders relate the experience of the "peculiar institution," recalling what happened to them nearly a lifetime ago, adopting different personalities and sharing the stories/histories of other slaves. Although they endured horrors, faith sustained them and instilled their desire for survival, always holding the promise that in the future they will be free: 'On my way to heaven, Lord remember me do Lord, do Lord, do Lord remember me.' FEATURING: Ebony JoAnn, Barbara Montgomery, Roscoe Orman, Kim Sullivan, Glynn Turman. FREE, go to: Donations will be gratefully accepted.

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