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Off-Broadway’s newest destination, 59E59 Theaters, presents Brits Off Broadway, the first annual dramafest of the best that
British theater has to offer–new faces, new writing, new talent, new work from artists new to New York.

Featured Shows

MY ARM, written by and starring Tim Crouch
A boy tests his will and the patience of his parents by raising one of his arms above his head and keeping it there for 30 years.
Theater C, April 7th-April 25th

SUN IS SHINING, by the Chinese Mu Lan Theatre Company, written and directed by Matt Wilkinson
A darkly comic story of a love affair between a mixed raced city trader and a
recovering alcoholic Scottish artist.
Theater B, April 20th-May 9th

THE WOMAN DESTROYED, translated by and starring Diana Quick
A modern re-telling of Simone de Beauvoir’s heart wrenching tale of the betrayal and self-pity one woman feels on New Years Eve in her London flat.
Theater C, April 27th-May 16th

HEAVENLY, presented by Frantic Assembly
A show that ponders 59 things you need never do again when you are dead.
Theater B, May 11th- May 30th

COOKING FOR KINGS, starring acclaimed actor and writer, Ian Kelly, is directed by Simon Green
A solo show based on the life of Antonin Careme, the first celebrity chef, and follows his rise to become a chef for Napoleon, the Prince Regent, Tsar
Alexander I and others.
Theater C, May 18th-June 6th

ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING, presented by Fascinating Aida
A satirical musical comedy.
Theater A, May 20th-June 13th

GHOST CITY, presented by Wales’ Sgript Cymru, written by Gary Owen and directed by Simon Harris.
A dark and sexy live performance underscored by free jazz and an electronic sound score, follows the events of 24 lives, over the course
of 24 hours, all linked in a way no one could predict.
Theater B, June 1-June 13th

BERKOFF’S WOMEN, which plays in repertory with NO
FEAR!, both star Linda Marlowe
BERKOFF’S WOMEN is a compilation of the most rewarding moments of Berkoff’s female roles and NO FEAR! is a set of entirely real events from Linda Marlowe’s extraordinary life. A rotating performance schedule allows you to see both shows on Saturday and Sunday and on consecutive
Theater C June 8th-July 4th

HURRICANE, presented by Ransom Productions, starring the author, Richard Dormer, directed by Rachel O’Riordan.
An astonishing and devastating portrayal of the life of Northern Ireland’s World Champion snooker-player.
Theater B, June 15th- July 4th

THE STRAITS, presented by Paines Plough, by Gregory Burke, directed by John Tiffany
The show follows an extraordinary summer in the lives of four teenagers in
the Straits of Gibraltar during the Falklands War of 1982.
Theater A, June 15th-July 4th

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: April 7, 2004 Final Performance: July 4, 2004
Location: 59E59 Theaters, New York City

59 E 59th St,

New York,


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