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About Alice, a new two-character play, is inspired by Calvin Trillin's best-selling memoir of the same title — a love letter to his wife, Alice, who died in 2001 at the age of 63 while awaiting a heart transplant.

The play begins with the death of Alice, played by Jessica Hecht (Admissions), goes back in time to when the couple first met, and then returns to the present. In Trillin's memoir we experience Alice only through Calvin. In the play, Alice is present in Calvin's memory but she is also present as an independent character. Calvin sees her through the eyes of a humorist and a husband. Though About Alice incorporates some of the actual words of Alice and Calvin Trillin, the play, directed by Leonard Foglia (Anna Deavere Smith's Notes From the Field), goes beyond literal representation and expresses a universal story.

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