About This Show

The FreshPlay Festival brings New York City youths’ words to vibrant life–taking young playwrights’ words from page to stage. FreshPlay combines an original play written and performed by the MCC Theater Youth Company’s (YC) Acting Lab and five ten-minute plays written by members of the YC’s Playwriting Lab and performed and directed by professional theater artists.

The Plays

The Stand

By the MCC Theater Youth Company with professional playwright Zakiyyah Alexander

Performed by the MCC Theater Youth Company Acting Lab

No wearing shoes in school. No holding hands with others. No creative expression. And absolutely NO speaking out about the rules!
A failing New York City public high school gets slammed with an extreme ‘No Tolerance’ policy and student liberties are thrown into a tailspin. As the student body rallies together to speak out, they soon find that restoring independence won’t be easy. Is a fight to preserve identity and freedom of speech worth risking their futures?

Hold the Fat

By Kyle-Steven Porter

Directed by Dominic Taylor

A growing line at a fast-food joint traps a troupe of teens in its gridlock. The wait online becomes a hotbed for culture clashes as these youth confront their diets, their prejudices, and, ultimately, one another.


By Holland Hamilton

Directed by Shelley Butler

When a babydoll starts talking to Damien, he first thinks he’s losing his mind. As it turns out, he’s actually found some things: the joys of Baby Gap, a hot pink wedding ring, and the kind of family he’s been looking for.


By Robert Tyc

Directed by Josh Hecht

Naomi’s never had her portrait drawn, so she’s a little nervous when she’s invited to be her step-brother’s subject. She’s even more nervous when he requests that she poses in the nude. In short order her boyfriend’s involved, and this portrait quickly becomes more complicated than oil on canvas. Where does the line between art and intimacy blur, and is there ever such a thing as "just a muse?"

Go-Go Gadget

By Veralyn Williams

Directed by Victor Maog

Can Eva’s boyfriend Dave handle a little competition- from a sex toy? When Dave finds Eva’s vibrator hidden in their apartment, he comes face-to-face with some serious relationship issues. Front and center are his sexual insecurities, his trust in Eva, and the value of his mother’s treasured satin bed sheets. In the end, who will come out on top, man or machine?

Beneath the Surface

By Nicole Castro

Directed by Jonathon Silverstein

Innocence. Identity. Imagination. How do the experiences that make up where we’ve come from merge to create who we are? Through a series of monologues based on interviews with loved ones, Beneath the Surface explores the struggles and wonders of growing up.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: July 27, 2005 Final Performance: July 30, 2005