Love’s Left Hand

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They really want each other. It has been a perfect date and the lovebirds can’t wait to reach her house. On the way, he heart-openly tosses a coin into a stranger’s hat, passionately wishing for her to be the one. But the stranger is not just a stranger – it is love’s left hand, who feels invited by this gesture to get involved: love’s left hand’s purpose is to appear unrecognized in the lives of those in love and create opportunities to face their inner shadows, so that the one who dares to embrace them may be able to experience true connection. But be aware: tasks are always completed wholeheartedly, but never seriously by love’s left hand.

A heart-warming play about the courage to trust in love's sense of humor.
Austria’s unique physical theatre company LEMOUR is a statement of love to the irresistible magic of storytelling. Our muse is the spark of life, our language is movement: Using full body commitment instead of spoken language we fuse elements of dance, clowning, slapstick and acting to one lively, humorous genre. We smoothly play all the cards from clumsy to graceful, so you may fall in love with our charmingly quirky characters. We hear their very personal hurting and turn it towards a miracle, so that our audience will find themselves with a teardrop on their eyelashes but a smile across their heart.
What happens if you tell a story about life but don’t use words? Come and find out.
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Dates: Opening Night: December 26, 2022 Final Performance: January 4, 2023

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