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For nearly two decades, the world at large knew precisely where to find the acclaimed guitarist Kevin Eubanks. For five nights a week, Eubanks was cranking up the band and issuing steamy solos as music director on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno." In spring of 2010, after 18 years on the job, Eubanks decided to move on, although retirement was the last thing on his mind. That much is clearly stated in potent musical terms on Zen Food, his first recording for the Mack Avenue label. Zen Food is a statement of purpose for a guitarist who, in the 15 years before landing his coveted gig in Burbank, built a reputation as one of the more adventurous and anti-ism guitarists. In fact, Eubanks has been tending his personal musical muse for years, working on material and honing his band in Los Angeles "after work" at the famed Baked Potato. The Zen Food menu of songs was captured in a state of evolution for Kevin and the band. They worked the material on the road and especially at regular Wednesday night gigs at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood. What we hear on Zen Food, Eubanks says, is "a natural development of the music. This band got the opportunity to express it so many different ways until it found its way to this recording. I feel it happened at the perfect time."

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