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These readings are free events, but fill up quickly. Reservations are a must!

April 7
Shoe Story by Ben Snyder, Directed by Thomas Kail
At Yu’s inner-city sneaker store nothing is more important than securing the newest pair of Air Jordans. In this carefully woven tale of romance and obsession, Juney struggles to find commitment and the perfect pair of high-tops.

April 14
Calvin Berger book, music and lyrics by Barry Wyner, Directed by Josh Prince
Large of intellect and nose, Calvin Berger loves the beautiful but unattainable Rosanna. He sees the perfect way to express his affection when the studly but tongue-tied Matt seeks his help to woo her. A hilarious musical re-imagining of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac set in a contemporary American high school.

April 21
Wisdom by Simon Vinnicombe, Directed by Sam Gold
Peter has just given his notice. But before he gains his freedom, he must face a major health crisis, his philandering boss, his addict son and the creeping fear that he doesn’t want to be married anymore. An honest and moving look at betrayal, regret and second chances.

April 28
Willing by Amy Herzog, Directed by Carolyn Cantor
Senior Senior was an enigmatic visionary who transformed death into art. When a researcher tries to unravel his life’s story, she becomes entangled in a mystery that haunts the artist’s family years after his death. An imaginative new play exploring genius and the burden that comes with its inheritance.

May 5
The Imprisonment of the Eye by Sam Marks, Directed by Anne Kauffman
Sealed off together, Tina and Marjorie while away their time drinking and gossiping–until their husbands join them and bring violence in from the outside. What’s real and what’s imagined? Perspectives shift and things grow dark in this spare, stylized drama.

May 12
Fake written and directed by Eric Simonson
Alternating between 1914 and 1953, journalists and scientists set out to uncover who planted the Piltdown Man skull. Commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club through the Alfred P. Sloan Initiative, Fake explores the most famous archeological hoax in history.

June 2
Kissing the Floor by Ellen McLaughlin, Directed by Les Waters
Everyone in the family has given up on Paul… except Annie. She believes she can save her brother from himself, but then she’s also convinced she can talk to her dead father by tapping in Morse Code on the floor. Sophocles’Antigone freely adapted by esteemed classics interpreter Ellen McLaughlin.

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Dates: Opening Night: April 7, 2008 Final Performance: June 2, 2008

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