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Step into the magical world of Cinderella and see whether the shoe fits. Meet mice that sing and dance while getting Cinderella to the ball in a magic pumpkin, all arranged by her fairy godmother. But the true magic is in the unforgettable memories you will create with your family — memories that will last a lifetime!

This beautiful musical by Michael Sgouros and Brenda Bell is based on the beloved classic fairy tale. Poor Cinderella — she works all day, has to deal with those awful stepsisters, and then sleeps in the cinders. But don't be too sad, because Cinderella is one smart cookie. She'll make it to the prince's ball and capture his heart. Sure, she may lose one of her shoes, but what she gains is worth more than gold!

In addition to the one-hour musical, the audience receives a special treat — interactive arts workshops prior to the performance. In them the audience learns about the original book and how it was turned into a musical. A discussion takes place about the themes of the show and how the performing arts bring literature to life. Then kids and other family members make their own crowns and magic wands to take home as souvenirs. When they watch the show after participating in the workshop, they are familiar with the art forms and themes presented in the production.

Note: The whole program (preshow workshop and actual performance) is approximately two hours long.

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