About This Show

Starring Jasmine Spiess & Benita Charles, with musical accompaniment by Darin Anquoe.

Jasmine and Benita have performed together in a
number of shows and have collaborated on many
different projects. In addition, they’ve entertained
private audiences for the past two holidays and now have
joined together to present their public holiday debut.

The show is an intimate evening of
classic holiday carols encompassing a plethora of genres.
Ms. Charles is an accomplished R&B and Jazz artist.
Ms. Spiess is an accomplished musical theatre/classical artist.
In their solo work they have very different styles.
However, when they sing together, their blend is unique,
producing a perfectly blended sound that is not only
classical, but also contemporary in feel.

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: December 16, 2005

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