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The FreshPlay Festival is a performance of five original short-plays penned by New York City teens. The plays are produced for the stage by a roster of professional directors, actors, and designers. FreshPlay merges the voices and creativity of urban youth with the experience of professionals in an evening of explosive, innovative, and fresh theater.


Ascending to Heaven
By Jennifer Huynh

Dean has fallen in love with the woman of his dreams. Only one catch: she’s a doll. When Dean’s brother tries to cash in on her value Dean pulls out all the stops to keep her close. Is this doll as innocent as she appears? Or is Dean in for a huge surprise?

Writer’s Block
By Kyle-Steven Porter

There’s nothing normal about Junior’s day. He awoke to find a Narrator chronicling his life. His mother has slipped into a pancake-throwing frenzy. Even his friends have lost their minds. Will a trip to the Oracle cure Junior’s confusion, or are we in for a plot twist that even the Narrator couldn’t foresee?

By Cara Brumfield

A storyteller spins a web of romance for two young lovers. As they navigate the stories materializing before them, they discover that love is enveloped with more questions than answers.

Directions From a Convict
By Julia Torres

A night behind bars throws Trish headlong into the wrong side of the judicial system. Suddenly a “criminal,” Trish has to gather her wits to take up matters with the law. Will Trish end up a statistic, or will she be able to fight her way to justice?

The Book of the Who
By Holland Hamilton

The Truth About Coney Island
By MCC Theater Youth Company with Zakiyyah Alexander

What’s going on down there in Coney Island? The hot dog vendor’s cooking up something strange. The house of mirrors is making people see straight. The Wonder Wheel is spinning out of control. It’s not the usual summer afternoon at Coney Island, and a strange world is about to get a whole lot stranger.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: August 10, 2006 Final Performance: August 12, 2006

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