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Sarah Agnew stars as Nora in the Guthrie Theater's production of Rebecca Gilman's Dollhouse, directed by Wendy C. Goldberg. The play is an update of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, set in 2004, at the cusp of the country's financial meltdown. The play follows Nora, a wife and mother who seems to have it all: a successful husband, three adorable children and a beautiful condo in Lincoln Park. In reality, what looks like the perfect life, however, is woefully incomplete, propped up by dark secrets and bitter betrayals. Living beyond their means, the family is now teetering on the edge of deep debt, as the schemes Nora has pulled to keep her family afloat begin to unravel. Through verbal battles, subtle and not-so-subtle manipulations and moments of shocking clarity, the couple's marriage is strained to the breaking point, where they find their skyrocketing bills becoming the least of their worries. Gilman's deft treatment of Ibsen's iconic play brings its timeless issues into our century, with a sharp eye for social satire and moments of deliciously dark comedy, in a play that explores the shallow materialism of the middle class and the tensions lurking beneath.

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