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Range View Productions presents a Play Reading Series... Join in for an evening of food, drink, and entertainment as well as sharing in RVP's growth as an emerging LA theatre company. 8:00pm reading & 7:30pm catered reception for all performances. Saturday, March 18 Mettle by Valerie Begnoche and Jeff Takacs An ex-Admiral of the United States Navy, drinking and lounging on an island estate off the coast of the US, is sick of the path his country has taken, so he plans a massive militaristic takeover of the entire country, beginning with his pleasant little resort island. He enlists the help of his idiot cronies, his inept son, and his egomaniacal daughter-in-law. A farce of language. Saturday, March 25 Handler by Robert Schenkkan Based on the Pentecostal snake-handling sects in rural Appalachia, Handler is a journey in the fire and brimstone world of sin and redemption, and the supernatural and the secular. The story begins as Geordi, a religious skeptic and repeat con, has just been released from prison. He and his wife, Terri, a member of the snake-handling Holiness Way sect, struggle to re-build their marriage. One night in service, Geordi handles snakes for the first time and is bitten in the throat and dies. Three days later, before the astonished eyes of the congregation, Geordi resurrects, and the Holiness Way members struggle to bend their faith around this modern-day Lazarus. Saturday, April 1 Stories of the Night Told Over, a new Shakespeare play by Scott Werve Stories of the Night Told Over is a fluid collision of several Shakespearean romantic comedies, where the well-known lovers contained therein (Petruchio/Kate, Beatrice/Benedick, Hamlet/Ophelia) interact simultaneously, in the same story, in a brand new context. Each of the characters in Stories belongs to Shakespeare, and nearly every word each speaks during the course of the story can be found in one of Shakespeare's tragedies or comedies. However, the way these words are inter-cut and overlapped from play to play is a completely unique presentation of Shakespeare, designed to extend familiar characters into exciting new situations. In Stories, none of the aforementioned lovers gets exactly what they bargained for with regard to romantic love. Suitors are spurned, affections are misdirected, and couples fall in and out of love, lust, and liking as the contexts of their (scripted) scenes are unexpectedly inter-cut into other Shakespeare plays. In all, the viewer is treated to five or six plays worth of Shakespeare's infectious comic devices all at once. Group Sales Number (10+): 714-815-8283 Appropriate For Ages: 18 and over

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  • Running Time:2hr (1 intermission)
  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Lillian Theater, Los Angeles