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In Schenkkan's own brand of historical pageantry starring the famous explorers Meriwhether Lewis and WIlliam Clark, what started out as a directive from President Thomas Jefferson to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean erupts into a fantastical journey with time and space-bending twists and turns. Somewhere between charting the land west of the Mississippi, trying to broker peace between warring tribes and spreading the gospel of the promise of America, Lewis and Clark find themselves hurtling down river rapids into the fray of several other American crusades, including the charge up San Juan Hill to liberate Cuba in 1898 and the Vietnam War in 1963. Added performances Mon., Dec. 19 - 8:pm; Wed., Dec.21 and Thurs., Dec 22 -2:30pm. No performances Sat., Dec. 24 or Sun. Dec. 25th: No public performances Tues. through Fri., Jan 17-20

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