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Written by cousins Tim and Dan Furlong, Inconceivable!, a farcical fairytale follows two sperm on a quest for life as they face hormones, contraception, and hostile eggs in order to complete their mission before it’s too late. Two sperm, CAP’N and WISEASS, are among the millions fighting their way through Eggadonia. What they don’t know is that Eggadonia and its princesses, OVA and INA, are under the spell of CHASTERA, the high priestess of birth control. Chastera and her henchmen, a hormone named FERIZOAD, will do anything to stop fertilization. Before the moon sets, CAP’N and WISEASS must reach the princess and break the spell — for today is their last chance to complete their mission… to become babies.

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Dates: Opening Night: March 10, 2006 Final Performance: April 1, 2006