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Dysnomia is a fast-paced, real-life family comedy about what happens when a suburban housewife comes out of the closet to her delinquent teenaged son, her precocious daughter, her buttoned-up husband, and her wine-swilling best friend. The play successfully brings to life two suburban families in crisis. Themes of love, trust, and self fulfillment are carefully woven in through witty one-liners and perfectly flawed protagonists. Meet the Wentworth Family: Mary, a suburban working mother who likes her husband, but hates his hands, loves her kids, but recognizes that her parenting skills are amiss, and doesn't have a word for how she's been feeling lately; Henry, a straight laced, workaholic type who insists that a book club could breathe some new life into his wife's routine; John, a fifteen year old who is best known for his delinquent antics at school, including the time he got suspended for jumping out of the first floor window during math class; Jodi, the self-described perfect child. Meet the Flynn Family: Carol, a wine-guzzling trophy wife on a permanent vacation, who constantly (despite any evidence whatsoever) thinks that her husband has been unfaithful; Scott, a simple, dry humored roll with the punches type; Samantha, Scott's daughter from his first marriage, a 22 year old at Smith college who is as comfortable with herself as the adults ought to be.

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