BERNIE SHINE MAGIC – back by popular demand!

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About This Show

Long time show business veteran magician and raconteur BERNIE SHINE will thrill you with his magic and mentalism and tickle your fancy with entertaining repertoire — so if you want your fancy tickled, order your tickets ASAP.  

Bernie's show is always full of surprises! His first show here in October was not only sold out, we had to add seats to accommodate an overflow crowd followed by rave reviews, such as these:
“BERNIE ‘SHINES’— Our good pal, Bernie Shine, had a sensational sold out show at The El Portal Theatre last night. It was a mix of his magic and his comedy. Bernie’s friend, comedian Jeff Ross, showed up to be his opening act and then stayed on to offer comedic observations about Bernie during the show. Jeff is sooooo funny! This was a one-of-a-kind evening of entertainment. Congratulations to Bernie!!!
— KABC Entertainment Guru George Pennacchio
“My sides split and my heart went pitter pat laffing with Alison Martino tonight at the Bernie Shine’s show with Jeff Ross! The best comedy/magic duo on the insult circuit!”
— LA Magazine Author & Associate Editor Chris Nichols
PLEASE NOTE: This is a sophisticated performance and not recommended as entertainment for kids under 16 years of age.

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Dates: One Night Only: December 9, 2022