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Split.Id, a new theater company, presents Below the Belt and What Fills You, two fresh comedies written by L.A. Butler and Justina Walford and directed by L.A. Butler.

Below the Belt is a gender-bent farce about penis envy and sexuality. It follows a happily vagina based lesbian (Justina Walford/Chuck Coudrain) who wakes up one morning with a penis, given to her by her dyke fairy godmother (Tanja Shipman). To her surprise the new equipment bestows rewards, rejections, and lessons in how to score.

What Fills You takes a different look on dating with neurotic, chronically single Linda Callahan. Linda is told by a palm reader the next man is just one moment away, if she just stays in the restaurant and drinks a few martinis. So Linda seeks her man, martini after martini, and finds what fills her is maybe not a man at all.

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Dates: Opening Night: September 6, 2002 Final Performance: September 29, 2002

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