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A Fight for Love explores a world where famous does not always mean rich. Michael, a boxing contender, sets out to realize his dreams, but along the way, life throws Michael an upper cut, felonious charges that have him caught in a political web along with his father. Present day, in the Boxing Gym of Mr. Lawrence, a 60+ unofficially retired, African American. It's a simple Gym - one Heavy Bag, a speed/dodge bag, a cot, and one short stool that only Mr. Lawrence sits on. Michael Taylor, a 32 year old, African American, and once considered the number 1 contender in boxing, has just received his Bachelor's Degree in Business. He decides to stop by the gym to invite Mr. Lawrence to his graduation party. More importantly, Michael wants to convince Mr. Lawrence to be his trainer again, to resurrect his previously successful but short-lived boxing career. What does a boxing contender do when the biggest fight of his life isn't fought in the ring? grand dreams become intertwined with Michaels worst nightmare. One false step and his life can become a living hell. Whom can Michael trust? Can he find support and love in those who are fighting their own demons? Love and adoration are fleeting. Public opinion is the order of the day - lose it and it can cost Michael his life. Just when Michael thinks he has it figured out, life throws him a curve. Could love be Michael's last chance to win this fight?

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Santa Monica Playhouse, Los Angeles