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You think your derriere is too big or your chest is too small? Your nose too long or your legs too short? Your waist too thick, your hair too thin, and birthdays only remind you that you're over 30 and over the hill? If so, 50 Shades of Perfection is the play for you. RAW ShortBurst Theatre presents a one-night-only look at our constant struggle for perfection — for the Instagram body and the Brangelina face — to fit ourselves to unrealistic standards, force ourselves into an ill-fitting mold. Love me for who I am…or leave me alone! Do we dare to stay that out loud, or even think it inside? Must we forever be lemmings, following every trend the media so temptingly proffers? Join us for Linda's 50th birthday party, a celebration of the imperfections that make us unique, the scars that define us, and a discovery that perfection can be simply…what we already are. Nobody's perfect, and perhaps "good enough" really is good enough. Free for one night only!

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