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Produced by the same creative team behind the successful Notes from New York series, Little by Little examines the ever-blurred boundaries between friendship and love. Just how attracted are we to those we call friends? Can friends ever be lovers? Lovers ever friends? Three young adults discover hidden depths to their seemingly straightforward relationships in this fun-fuelled musical full of youthful passion and libidinous longing. One man, two women, three sets of hormones. He fancies her. She fancies him. So far, so simple. Except that he has another admirer in whom they both place their trust. Cue pent-up frustrations and explosive interchanges in this upbeat look at what it is to be young and smitten. If you’ve ever harboured a secret love, you’ll know exactly how it feels. Little by Little – because relationships are always far from black and white.

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Dates: Opening Night: July 25, 2004 Final Performance: August 22, 2004
Location: Arts Theatre, London

Great Newport Street,



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