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Fuerzabruta combines the most physical theatre with the most stunning theatrical imagery the UK will have ever seen, and plunges its audience into a world that is at times hard, dark, and aggressive, and at other times joyous and celebratory. Twelve performers hurtle through this 65-minute show at breakneck speed, using every elemental force known to man. At times the performance treads the edge of real danger with alarming effect, the audience engages with what increasingly becomes an investigation into the mind of a crowd, where occasionally one person is left alone, struggling against the masses.

Like those of De La Guarda, the visuals and effects are stunning. Performers run and tumble across a vertical wall of technicolour cloth, a man runs headlong through a wall, two people try desperately to connect from opposite sides of a huge spinning and whirling sail and — most extraordinary of all — performers dance in a watery world just above the audience’s heads. This all takes place to a soundtrack that traverses thumping club beats to the mellow sounds of new world music. The show is awash with colour and light, at times the bright strobed and head spinning lights of a nightclub, at other times soft, warming and beautiful colours fill the space.

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Dates: Opening Night: June 5, 2006 Final Performance: July 30, 2006
Location: Roundhouse, London

Chalk Farm Road,



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