About This Show

Hotel California is a mythic tale which takes place in the twenty-four hours between midnight on March 14 and Midnight on March 15, the ides of March. A cult-like group of Caesar worshipers await the fulfillment of its leader’s prophecy that one day Julius Caesar will return in his reincarnated form to lead people in to an idyllic but brutal new era. The search for identity in an environment of fear, confusion, and control is central to the plot. A mother, a mouse, three lovers, a voice in the wall, and a madman all strive for their individual definitions of strength, power and overcoming conditioning, all this before the clock strikes twelve.

Featuring Dawn Alden, Ezekiel Brown, David Dastmalchian, Katie Carey Govier, Alyse Kittner, and Erik Schnitger.

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: September 13, 2005

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