About This Show

The 9th annual Chicago Improv Fest features performances by 750 artists in 100 improvisational and sketch comedy groups from five countries.

Featured: 3 For All (Moss Beach, CA), Annoyance Theater (Chicago, IL),
B Roll: Fact or Fiction (New York, NY), Bad Dog Theatre (Toronto, ON), Big Black Car (New York, NY), Big News (Los Angeles, CA), Biscuitville (Washington, DC), Canadian Content (Vancouver, BC), Carl and the Passions (Chicago, IL), Chairs (Chicago, IL), Cherry Bomb (New York, NY), Chicago ComedySportz (Chicago, IL),
Child’s Play (Fort Lauderdale, FL), COG (Los Angeles, CA), Cook County Social Club (Chicago, IL), Cupcake (Seattle, WA), Danse Macabre (Chicago, IL), Die-Nasty! (Edmonton, AB), Double Play (Chicago, IL), Dr. Fantastic (Washington, DC), Eddie Capshaw Tonight! (St. Louis Park, MN), Elephant Larry (New York, NY), Five Man Job (Minneapolis, MN), fluxx (London, England), Four Square (Chicago, IL), Full Frontal Nudity (Columbus, OH), Galapagos (Phoenix, AZ), Greetings from Hamiltonia (New York, NY), Greg Shapiro (Amsterdam), Horatio Sanz & the Horatio Sanz All-Stars (New York, NY), Hurricanes Are Funny (Austin, TX), imp. (New York, NY), Improsia (Seattle, WA), Instant Theatre Company (Vancouver, BC), Johnny Lunchpail (New York, NY), JoKyR and Jesster (Salt Lake City, UT), kevINda (Chicago, IL), Let Them Ho’s Fight (Chicago, IL), Loose Screws’ Screwbuki (Honolulu, HA), MADtv Stars (Los Angeles, CA), MADtv Writers on Hiatus (Los Angeles, CA), Me Likey (Toronto, ON), Messing with a Friend (Chicago, IL), Mother (New York, NY), On The Spot (Mililani, HI), Oslo Improvisasjonsteater (Oslo), Pimprov (Chicago, IL), Play (Chicago, IL), Ragdolls (Chicago, IL), Razowsky & Clifford (Los Angeles, CA), Reading Robin and Rasika (Los Angeles, CA), Reality World (Seattle, WA), Rudy (Toronto, ON), Shecky Kulhan: Theater of the Mind (Chicago, IL), Slap Happy (Toronto, ON), Snigger (Chicago, IL), Sutton & Hallal (Chicago, IL), Switchboard (New York, NY), Tami Sagher is Not in a Good Place: A Travelogue (Los Angeles, CA), Teen Movie High (New York, NY), The Box Fans (Denver, CO), The Brothel (New York, NY), The Josh and Tamra Show (New York, NY), The Midnight Hellhouse (Malice) (Chicago, IL), The Mike and Duane Show (Chicago, IL), The Williamson Playboys (Toronto, ON), Then… Again (New York, NY), Triplette (Chicago, IL), Unscripted Theatre (San Francisco, CA), Waiting For Ennis Cotter (Boston, MA), Whirled News Tonight (Chicago, IL), Who Cares? (New York, NY), and WIRT (Washington, DC)

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Dates: Opening Night: April 24, 2006 Final Performance: April 30, 2006