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Action Theatre III features two original one-acts which center on different fighting styles and include live action commercials for local businesses and trailers for upcoming shows. HMS Barnacle is a rowdy romantic swashbuckling adventure comedy. The title character, Barnacle, is a Royal Navy hero who must contend with the villainous pirate Black Breath, steer away from the affections of the pirate wench Treasure Chest, and make his way through a deserted, though curiously accessible, island full of traps and tricks to rescue Lily White, the governor’s daughter. On the way, he can be sure of exciting swordfights, stunts, and dazzling wordplay. This world premiere is written by David Gregory. Catalan Grand is an epic story about a Spanish mercenary company in the employ of the Byzantine Empire. The Catalan Company are engaged to fight the Turks, but quickly find that there is just as much danger in the court of the Byzantines. Unstoppable on the battlefield, they soon find that politics is as dangerous as combat, and that not everyone in Constantinople is happy to see them succeed. An Imperial Duke has his own plans for the mercenary army, and the Emperor is willing to sacrifice his beautiful cousin Maria if that is what it takes to hold on to his throne. Running time for the evening is about 75 minutes with one intermission.

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Dates: Opening Night: November 8, 2002 Final Performance: December 13, 2002