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Founded in late 1977 as an amalgamation of two already successful Australian groups, Circus Oz loved the skills and tricks of traditional circus but wanted to make a new sort of show that a contemporary audience could relate to, adding elements of rock ‘n’ roll, popular theatre and satire. They wanted it to be funny, irreverent and spectacular, a celebration of the group as a bunch of multi-skilled individual women and men, rather than a hierarchy of stars. Above all, they didn’t want to take themselves too seriously. They sewed and welded together their own circus tent, got together a collection of old trucks and caravans and went on the road. Circus Oz was a fresh and original voice in circus and the company was immediately popular with Australian audiences. Within a few years, they began to tour internationally, eventually making their way here to the States.

The overall tenor of the performance has remained consistent over the years. There are usually eleven to thirteen performers (normally with at least two specialized musicians) who present an intimate spectacle of unrelenting energy, humor, multi-skill playing, surreal imagery, grace and strength, fully integrated with a live and original musical score. Circus Oz continues at the forefront of international contemporary circus. Its performances today are as distinctive and dynamic as its touring program – the recent critically acclaimed sell-out season on Broadway being followed by a successful tour of small Australian regional towns. Circus Oz is continuously being revitalized with the injection of new ideas, skills and people. The playful circus artistry and unique musical blends of Circus Oz are sure to leave any audience wide-eyed and spellbound.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: November 23, 2007 Final Performance: November 24, 2007