About This Show

If you find it difficult to listen to the music of Stevie Wonder without tapping your feet, you’re not alone. Wonderland combines the incredible music of Stevie Wonder with the high-powered art of tap dance. Created by Sarah Savelli, the show is first and foremost a tribute to Wonder’s incredible artistry. In addition, it proves that Tap is more than just noise executed without poignancy or depth of feeling. Wonderland showcases Tap as an art form by using its rhythms to bring several of Wonder’s hits to life.

The show’s music includes a mix of live performance by the Afro-Cleveland Orchestra featuring Jackie Warren, along with some of Wonder’s recordings.

The production features Sarah Savelli along with Adyodele Casel, Michelle Dorrance, Derick Grant and Jason Samuels Smith.

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: February 17, 2007