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Hell in a Handbag Productions presents The Twilight Gallery. 3 Episodes Fridays, 3 Episodes Saturdays at 11pm. Special Halloween Marathon performance of all 6 Episodes, Oct. 31 @ 8pm. The Twilight Gallery features six rotating episodes: EYES- adapted by and featuring David Cerda* as Miss Claudia Menloathe, in the role originated by Joan Crawford under the direction of Steven Spielberg from the original Night Gallery pilot. Miss Menloathe is a wealthy, blind, imperious woman, who will do anything for 12 hours of sight, no matter what the consequences. EYES also features Troy Coleman*, Derek Czaplewski*, Jaya Subramanian, John Walski, and Red Orchid Theater's Doug Vickers as Mr. Howard Cunningham, the hapless donor who's HAPPY DAYS are over. EYES is directed by Marika Mashburn of The House Theatre. The Diary- a Night Gallery episode adapted by Ed Jones* and directed by Brooke Allen*. Brigitte Ditmars* (taking on the role originated by Patty Duke) plays Holly Schaeffer, a vicious gossip columnist who receives a mysterious diary from washed up movie queen Carrie Crane (Ed Jones*) who's life has been destroyed by Holly's poisonous tongue. The diary takes on a life of its own with entries written in Holly's handwriting that predicts very unpleasant events. But Holly didn't write them … The Diary also features Trish Austin, Alex Gunn, Ryan Lanning, Jaya Subramanian and Doug Vickers. The Most Unusual Pictures- adapted by Steve "Jay" Johnson from The Twilight Zone and directed by The House Theatre's Johnny Arena. A camera with the ability to take pictures 5 minutes into the future finds its way into the hands of small time crooks. They can't believe their good fortune until the pictures start telling a darker tale. Featuring Troy Coleman*, Clarissa Gregg*, Ryan Lanning and Terry McCarthy*. A Critical Juncture- from Night Gallery, adapted and directed by Aaron Smith. Meet Herman Heppelwhite, a pompous theater critic with a poisonous pen that has destroyed many a career. Herman is holed up in a seedy Caribbean hotel searching for the peace and happiness that has eluded him his entire life, until a certain painting gives him one last glimmer of hope. Night Cher At 20,000 Feet- based on the classic Twilight Zone episode starring William Shatner. Derek Czaplewski* is Bob Wilson, a man just released from a sanitarium after suffering a nervous breakdown on the same type of plane he finds himself on now. Things seem to be going fine until Mr. Wilson spots a legendary Diva on the wing of the plane giving the performance of a lifetime. Directed by Brian Lobel, Night Cher At 20,000 Feet also features Trish Austin, Michael Kingston, Cate Mannion and Veronica Sheaffer. Come and Knock At My Door- written and directed by David Cerda*. A women's television obsession turns deadly when the line between real life and sitcom becomes blurred and takes a deadly twist. Featuring James Bould, Brigitte Ditmars*, Steve Hickson*, Ed Jones*, Michael Kingston, Cate Mannion, and Veronica Sheaffer. $5 OFF ADDITIONAL TWILIGHT GALLERY PERFORMANCES WITH TWILIGHT GALLERY TICKET STUB Special Hell In A Handbag Benefit October 25: Doors open @ 6pm and includes food, drinks, raffle, silent auction and performances of selected episodes Benefit Showtime @ 8pm Benefit Admission: $30.00, 2 tickets for $50.00

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  • Location:Stage 773, Chicago