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Earth is in the crosshairs as its alien creators from Planet Sildenia prepare to vote whether Earth is worth keeping or needs to be eliminated because it is bringing down intergalactic real estate prices and driving up Sildenian taxes. Based on a true event (according to conspiracy theorist Dr C. Allen Highneck as told to him by The Chronicler, Sildenia's version of Doris Kearns Goodwin), each performance is unique as every audience adds its own storyline elements to the high energy, fully scripted experience. Since the event is one that, according to Dr. Highneck's "Warped Theory," has both already happened and yet to occur each audience decides whether Earth is to be destroyed or allowed to "evolve" in peace. Earth: TTFN?! tells the story of the possible destruction of our planet by alien life forms, The Sildenians. The Sildenians created Earth 6,000 years ago for their mindless and exponentially expanding population. They were quite pleased with their creation and all was going perfectly--until humans evolved. Now Sildenia's Queen Levitra, Jabba the Talk, Kilo-Mom, The Evil Developer and a host of other Sildenian bad guys want to destroy Earth and replace it with a much more fun planet for the Sildenians to colonize. As the experience unfolds, a reluctant hero is recruited to battle his way to the Sildenian Senate and speak on behalf of all Earth. Along the way support is provided - and sometimes undermined - by an attractive robot, a malaprop-speaking wizened mentor, a transgendered mercenary, and even the intergalactic progenitor of Barack Obama. Audience members can expect intergalactic battles in a provocatively stylized universe and unique performances each night as their powers of suggestion influence Earth's fate and lead to a final, climatic vote. Will it be TTFN (Ta Ta For NOW) or TTFE (Ta Ta For EVER). Every audience decides!

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  • Location:Greenhouse Theater, Chicago