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The 1950s: It's the beginning of rock 'n' roll, the racial barrier is starting to crack, the Korean War is over, and husbands are returning home. Ronald Reagan is a model for Lifebuoy soap; Rock Hudson is "The World's Most Eligible Bachelor." And women are getting antsy.

Meet Joan, Connie, Dottie, and Agnes — four best friends living in Winnetka, Illinois. They meet every Wednesday for a Betty Crocker cooking contest, imagining how the prizes might change their lives. Their weekly gathering isn't just about cooking; it's also a time to confide secrets and share frustrations.

Usually, it's Life magazine that's read cover to cover in between mixing, sifting, and chopping. However, other reading material has just arrived. Shocked but inspired by the Kinsey report, the lives of these women take an interesting turn.

A Taste of Things to Come is a fabulously fun romp tracing the changing lives of these four Winnetka women from the 1950s to the sexual revolution of the 1960s. This homage to prior generations of women who blazed new trails features a rollicking original score of '50s and '60s music with great harmonies, backed by an all-female rock 'n' roll band.

Note: This show is recommended for ages 14 and up because of adult language and themes.

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