About This Show

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is proud to present The Ante Chamber Series, a series of six readings by new playwrights. The readings are free and one show is read each night. The schedule is:
The Strange Wet Saga of the Disappearing Ballerina by Gil Garratt
A post-apocalyptic tale of a family torn apart by the loss of the mother. Outside, rain lashes the devastated landscape while inside, the family engages in child-like rituals.
Saints by Charles Picco
Six men gather in a Newfoundland bar to remember the former mayor who has just passed away. Ray, the prodigal son, has returned for the funeral, and as drinks are passed and toasts proclaimed, a dark, disturbing secret bubbles to the surface.
Homage by James Harkness
A rural couple live out their lives of quiet longing and hidden remorse. After their deaths, their wastrel son returns from the city to inhabit the house.
The Green Spoon by Michael Achtman
A Jewish comedy of lifestyle and manners. Mitchell is gay and in love with a man of color. Julian, his lover, won’t have sex with him. Sheila, his mother, has re-married a man with dry skin but lots of money. Will they all survive the looming Bat Mitzvah in Florida?
The Watch for Sunrise by Gordon Portman
This new work chronicles the events of the recent Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops. One of the heated issues at this conference was the debate about the Anglican Church’s views on homosexuality. Against this tapestry, a host of characters interweave in questions of faith, responsibility, community and individual responsibility.
Quietly Overwhelmed by Corrina Hodgson
At an artist’s retreat in Banff, a young lesbian graffiti artist arrives to work on a new piece. She is paired with a successful older male artist who is suffering a creative block. In kick-starting his artistic urge, the unthinkable happens and the two begin to connect in deeper ways.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: May 28, 2000 Final Performance: June 3, 2000