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Offering slap-stick, mistaken identity, and a slight glance into the meaning of it all, The Custom Made Theatre Company presents two of Woody Allen’s plays, God and Death.

In God, two Greeks – Hepatitis and Diabetes – try to find an ending for their play in time for the Athenian drama festival. As they ponder the meaning of it all, they realize they are trapped in a play within a play within a play, perhaps within yet another play, that just gets crazier by the minute until God herself makes an ill-advised entrance.

Eventually turned into the movie Shadows and Fog, Death tells the story of Kleinman, a man awakened by a vigilante mob to help catch a mysterious killer. As he wanders the streets trying to find out what part of the plan is his (no one will tell him!) and trying to avoid being the victim of a psychopath himself, Kleinman eventually understands that he, too, is a suspect and the killer might be hiding from within.

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Dates: Opening Night: February 2, 2007 Final Performance: March 24, 2007

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