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Written and performed by Eddie Frierson, Matty is a series of stories relating to the life of Christy Mathewson, legendary hall-of-fame pitcher for the New York Giants (1900 to 1916). Gentleman, philosopher and first true American hero, he was a man who inspired a whole generation of fans to make baseball America’s pastime and who shared with his public valuable lessons about personal integrity that still resonate today. Mathewson was arguably America’s first major baseball legend — a college-educated all-American farm boy from baseball’s age of innocence, a multi-faceted baseball player and homespun wit. Besides his ballpark records, still among the most impressive ever posted, he was an author of books for boys, toured in vaudeville, made a motion picture, and was a war hero, a coach, a sports writer and quite likely the first sports major figure to be a product spokesperson. Kerrigan Mahon directs.

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Dates: Opening Night: April 21, 2006 Final Performance: April 29, 2006
Location: Santa Monica Playhouse, California

1211 4th St,

Santa Monica,


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