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Conceived and directed by Emilie Beck, And Let the Skies Fall! is a new work that draws from the life of Mother Teresa, the writings of controversial journalist Christopher Hitchens and the work of late sociologist Marianne Paget.

Christopher Hitchens was the author of the widely criticized scathing report on Mother Teresa in his book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice. Famous for his savage wit and unapologetic critiques, he has also written numerous books on international current affairs, including Blood, Class and Nostalgia: Anglo-American Ironies.

Marianne Paget’s life mirrored her work in a coincidence of immediate theatrical proportions. In 1988, she published the Unity of Mistakes: A Phenomenological Interpretation of Medical Work, in which she argued that error is an intrinsic feature in medicine–an experimental and uncertain activity.

“There is good theatre, interesting theatre, well-made theatre–and then there is theatre that can be described only as transporting, that lifts us into an entirely new sphere that is more brilliant, mysterious, and intense than ordinary life. The latter is the kind of theatre at work in this production. [Director Emilie] Beck doesn’t so much direct as choreograph, paint, dream in front of us, making judicious use of song, dance, parody, and poetry. Justin Townsend’s set and lighting design are astoundingly beautiful: fresh, inventive, nuanced. There are images in this production that are simply unforgettable” – BACKSTAGE

Show Details

Running Time: 2hr 10min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: March 21, 2003 Final Performance: April 26, 2003

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