About This Show

Acme Theatre’s Acme Back in Black sketch comedy show marks the first show starring the Acme Theatre Players this year. Directed by Acme theatre owner, M.D. Sweeney, with music by Jonathan Green. The cast includes Ed Marques, Dan Fester, Jonna Tamases, Leslie Dixon, Kim Evey, Kevin Small, Julie Wittner and Ashley Clark.

The round-up of sketches include, “Beautiful” It’s PBS pledge break time again and Tony Bennet is putting his heart into it. “Leanne” tells the story of a country music star whose latest wanna-be hit has the potential to give her two year old a lifetime of therapy bills. Miscommunication between a psychic and the dead leads to extreme embarrassment in “Crossing Over” Rounding out the show are the sketches “I’m Back,” Superman agrees reluctantly to come out of retirement… but first some of his outrageous demands must be met and “Big Shotz” America had Jay Leno and David Letterman, however the Germans aren’t so lucky.

Show Details

Dates: Final Performance: March 27, 2004