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Cleavage is four actors performing five plays written by one playwright. All shows are written and directed by Carissa Halston. 'The Crux' Hannah wants to marry Frank. Frank is in love with someone else. A lengthy phone call weighs out what is left unsaid. 'What if Jesus Were Still a Carpenter?' A short sketch featuring "our lord and savior." A modern-day Jesus owns his own hardware store. Slightly sacrilegious, not for the weak of heart. 'Love, Sex, and Strap-ons' Will loves Theresa. Theresa is seeing James. James is "seeing" Claire. Claire is dating Will and lives with Theresa. Bedhopping abounds. This show involves sex and nudity. 'Drifting' A story about losing contact and not remembering how. Circumstance distances the two main characters and, despite their most staunch efforts, drives them apart. 'Until...' Violet is a naive girl who loses her heart to two men. She has to make a decision which could cost her both. Replete with sarcastic narrator. Age Appropriate for 18 +.

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