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TheatreZone presents The Firebugs by Max Frisch in a unique collaboration with Ensemble Warhol, an international contemporary classical music group specializing in music composed for the theatre. Showcasing an original score, searing comedic style, and a Greek chorus of dancing firemen, The Firebugs lights a blazing torch to keep you warm in the December cold. A mysterious stranger appears on the doorstep of wealthy hair-tonic salesman Gottlieb Biedermann. He insinuates himself into the man's home even as Biedermann rants against the arsonists who ravage their city spreading fear and paranoia. The stranger and his suave partner in crime use Biedermann's own vanity and bourgeois guilt against him, and boldly flaunt their fiery intentions while making themselves honored guests in Biedermann's home. Written in the aftermath of World War II, The Firebugs posits that those who proclaim their dedication to Decency and Integrity the loudest are, in their actions, often the most unfamiliar with the concepts, and asks: What duty do we have to confront evil in our midst or in our name? And if we fail to act, what responsibility do we bear for the ensuing carnage?

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