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Shia LaBeouf Tweets his Video for Orphans: Watch the Performance You'll Never Get to See on Broadway

And some confusing email exchanges he had with Alec Baldwin and the show's producers.

Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin
(courtesy of the company) (© David Gordon)
In case you missed this Smash-worthy drama as it developed last night, movie star Shia LaBeouf left his role opposite Alec Baldwin in the upcoming Broadway production of Orphans on Tuesday, a month before the show's first preview. Officially, the break between actor and production has been vaguely attributed to "creative differences," but LaBeouf, it would seem, wants his public to have answers. Even if those answers are equally confusing.

Less than three hours after the official announcement, LaBeouf took to Twitter, sharing an email exchange between director Dan Sullivan, Alec Baldwin, and himself, seemingly meant to shed light on the meaning of the phrase "creative differences." The email features poetic text from LaBeouf (which he may have sampled from this 2009 Esquire article about what it means to be "a man," Entertainment Weekly noted ), ending with an apology to Baldwin, and an anguished response from Sullivan. Throughout the next several hours, the actor continued to share private, mostly opaque, emails about his departure from his Twitter account, sparking speculation (and WTFs) across the internet. A sample of those emails, including one from playwright Lyle Kessler, which LaBeouf tweeted on the 18th, is below.

Best of all, for fans who feel cheated out of the chance to see the celebrity's stage work and super-geeks who want to judge his performance for themselves, LaBeouf also tweeted his hour-long Orphans audition video. Check out the performance that will never see the footlights in the video below.

my audition from grassyslope on Vimeo.