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See Cirque du Soleil's TOTEM and the Blue and Yellow Big Top Take Over Citi Field

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The big top comes to Citi Field.
Cirque du Soleil's touring production of TOTEM is settling down in New York's Citi Field for a month this spring. Though performances don't begin until March 15, the Cirque du Soleil village has already begun set up, and the iconic blue-and-yellow big top was raised earlier today.

Raising the big top takes more than 60 men and women who hoist more than 100 support poles, unfurl the canvas, and finally raise the roof. Once completed, the space stands 66 feet high and is 167 feet in diameter and will seat more than 2,600 people.

To see the set up, which will take a total of eight days, for yourself, and learn more about TOTEM, check out the video below.