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Matthew Bourne Brings His Gothic Sleeping Beauty to New York City Center

The British choreographer will entertain the Big Apple with vampires and fouettés. logo
A dance of the vampires in Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty.
© Mikah Smillie

Apparently, Sleeping Beauty is all about vampires. Tony Award-winning British auteur choreographer Matthew Bourne (Edward Scissorhands) has reimagined the Tchaikovsky ballet based on Charles Perrault's classic fairy tale about an enchanted sleeping princess who can only be woken by true love's kiss, and it is dark. You can see it at New York City Center this coming October 23 – November 3. At least they're sexy Anne Rice vampires though, and not sparkly emotional midgets, right?

Dubbed, "A Gothic Romance," Bourne has chosen 1890, the years of the original Marius Petipa production of Sleeping Beauty, as the starting point for his story. This was a time of Gothic revival, one year before the publication of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray (which Bourne has also turned into a ballet) and seven years before Bran Stoker's Dracula.

In Bourne's production, the Gothic look will fade into the more rigid and brightly lit Edwardian era (think Downton Abbey, season one) as the central character, Aurora (the sleeping beauty), grows into young adulthood. Of course, she will also fall into a century-long sleep, only to wake up in our modern world of 2013. Bourne knows how to keep a costume designer busy!

"This production of Sleeping Beauty was the fulfillment of a great ambition, to choreograph the three great Tchaikovsky ballets and was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my company, New Adventures, last year," said Bourne, who brought his 1995 production of Swan Lake (featuring men in the traditionally female roles of the Swans) to New York City Center in 2010. He had previously choreographed the Tchaikovsky holiday favorite, The Nutcracker, in 1992.

Here's the official trailer for Matthew Bourne's vampire sexytime Sleeping Beauty:

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