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Happy Birthday to the Dueling Divos of Broadway!

And on March 22, God created the showtune… logo

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim in Dueling Pianos
Sorry William Shatner, you've been upstaged by two living legends of Broadway — it's best if you just pick a new birthday.

Yes, this, the 22nd day of March is the birthday of both the great Stephen Sondheim and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Divine intervention? We think so. If the gravity of this phenomenon somehow manages to escape you, let us quickly recap the monumental careers of these two men.

In his 83 years of life, Stephen Sondheim has managed to collect an Academy Award, eight Tony Awards (including a special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theater), eight Grammy Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, an Olivier Award, and a Kennedy Center Honor. Oh yeah, and he was special chums with Oscar Hammerstein as a child.

Meanwhile, across the pond (and in 18 fewer years), Sir Andrew has amassed an Academy Award, seven Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, seven Olivier Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a Kennedy Center Honor, and a knighthood. He has also defied the laws of Broadway by writing a show that never closes (we're looking at you, Phantom).

There are many musical theater fans who are strictly Team Sondheim or Team Webber, but the below video should convince us all to put aside our differences on this, the holiest of days on the Great White Way, and celebrate these two men who have helped to make Broadway the magical place it is today.