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For the Love of Pi and Nora Ephron

Lucky Guy, starring the one-and-only Tom Hanks, gets a big slice of the delicious Broadway grosses pie.

Did you spend the day eating boring foods that do not have delectable names like "key lime" and "coconut cream" and, um, "chicken pot"?

If you did, don't worry. You did not miss the entirety of Pi Day, an annual celebration of the joys of the mathematical constant of 3.14159**, baked deliciousness, and the best kind of circular chart, like the one below.

The top-grossing shows on Broadway last week (ending March 10) are presented here in Pi Day form.
© Kelley L. Smith

As you can see, Pi Day, like all other days, is also secretly a celebration of the greatness of the late Nora Ephron, whose play Lucky Guy, starring the also-great Tom Hanks, was the only nonmusical to make the list (or chart) of top ten Broadway grosses last week. Ms. Ephron, we toast our chicken pot to you.

**If you want to know more about pi, you should visit, because is a thing that exists.