Theater News

Resolutionary Theater
Start off the year by taking the kids to see the The King and I, Swimmy, Maggie and the Pirate, Three Little Pigs, Pinkalicious, and lots more family-friendly shows.
Seattle Kids Spotlight: January '07
Theatergoers looking to take their kids to a show can head to Seattle Children's Theatre, which unveils the world premiere of their new musical, Goodnight Moon (January 12-March 10), based on the beloved children's book. Another worthwhile children's offering is the classic fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, presented by Storybook Theater/Studio East (January 24-March 1).
SF Kids Spotlight: January '07
Always a family favorite, Lionel Bart's famed musical Oliver! (January 12-27) takes hold of the Stage 1 Community Theatre in Newark. Directed by Barbara Williams, this perennial charmer is based on Charles Dickens' novel about a precocious orphan boy whose street smarts and natural charm eventually yields great riches.
Philadelphia Kids Spotlight: January '07
As a longtime company member at People's Light & Theatre Company, Peter DeLaurier is best known for his skills as an actor. But he is also a playwright of note, and this month PLTC is producing the world premiere of his adaptation of L.M. Montgomery's literary classic Anne of Green Gables (January 18-February 11). Montgomery's tale concerns a young girl who is reluctantly taken in by a stodgy brother and sister who need help running their small farm. It's the perfect family fare.
LA Kids Spotlight: January '07
Family-friendly fare this month includes The Falcon Theatre's new kids-oriented musical comedy The Root Beer Bandits (January 20-March 25); the evergreen Broadway musical Annie at the Orange County Performing Arts Center (January 30-February 11); and the ever-busy Santa Monica Playhouse's new spin on old fairy tales called And Awaaay We Go to Wonderland! (January 30-February 11).
London Kids Spotlight: January '07
You've heard the expression "men are pigs," right? Well, this one happens to be an enchanted prince whom Princess Flora seeks to free from the evil spell before she marries him. Based on a Romanian folktale, The Enchanted Pig is a terrifically tuneful family show, presented by the Young Vic company (December 1-January 27).