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MCC Theater’s Small Engine Repair Star James Ransone (aka The Wire’s Ziggy Sobotka) Reminds Haters That He’s Not Actually Ziggy From The Wire

''Seriously, Twitterverse, get your fantasy-vs.-reality act together. Also, be nice.'' logo

If you know James Ransone, it is probably as The Wire’s Ziggy Sobotka — a role he so fully embodied, it seems a lot of folks have trouble distinguishing the character from the man portraying him. Usually, that would be a compliment for an actor, but the comments Ransone has been finding and reTweeting are not complimentary.

As a public service, we brought Ziggy…we mean, Ransone…who is starring in Small Engine Repair, MCC Theater’s new ode to the risks of social media — to TheaterMania’s office to bravely confront the darker (and more delusional) side of Twitter.