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Krysta Rodriguez, Lisa Kron, and More Bring Russian Counterculture to the Stage in Stilyagi

The new musical, inspired by the film of the same title, gets ready for its first production at Vassar and New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theatre.

In the Soviet Union, circa the 1950s, a movement took shape during which young people began to adopt Western fashion and musical styles. They were referred to by the derogatory term "stilyagi," roughly translated as "stylish." The subject was turned into a 2008 film, and now it is being brought to the stage by Lisa Kron, Peter Lerman, and Michael Mayer. With a cast including Krysta Rodriguez, Lauren Patten, and Dave Thomas Brown, the musical will have its debut as part of Vassar and New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theatre season, running June 23-25. At a recent press event, they discussed bringing this long-lost example of counterculture to the American stage.