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Gilbert Gottfried and Jonathan Freeman on Bringing Iago and Jafar to Life in Aladdin

The dynamic duo recall memories of lending their voices to the hit Disney animated film.

In the early 1990s, Gilbert Gottfried and Jonathan Freeman first met each other as they stepped into sound booths. They were hired to provide voices for a new Disney film, to be released in 1992. Its title was Aladdin and Freeman would be playing the sinister villain Jafar. Gottfried was engaged to play Jafar's talking parrot companion, Iago. Over the next decades their voices would become synonymous with these roles. Disney recently released Aladdin on Blu-ray, and to celebrate the cast sat down with TheaterMania to reminisce. Here, Freeman (who reprises his performance as Jafar in the Broadway version of Aladdin) and Gottfried share their memories of the shooting process and discuss how they helped develop the iconic characters they're still remembered for today.